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AdvertPro is a complete ad management platform for digital media advertisers, publishers and networks. Precisely target ads to your audience to deliver a better ROI, optimize inventory usage and increase profits. Review detailed statistics reports in real-time. Automate data-entry and integrate other systems with our API. Boost your search engine rankings with our AJAX serving tags.

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AdvertPro is a scalable cross-platform ad serving solution

Complete with an easy to use web-based control panel and a powerful API

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Creative Freedom

Supports all types of banners including GIF/JPG/PNG, Flash, CSS/HTML, JavaScript, rich media, expandable banners, floating ads such as corner peels and full page overlays, text ads, third-party ads, popups and popunders.

Precision Targeting

Target campaigns to your visitors by date, day of the week, time of the day, custom data, keywords, geographic location, IP address, hostname, page locations, operating system, web browser and more!

CMS Compatible

Fully compatible with all CMS software including Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Magnolia, Gossamer Links, Bricolage, Ektron, eZ Publish and Umbraco.

AJAX Serving

You aren't getting the highest possible search engine ranking if you're not serving your ads with AJAX! Google and Yahoo factor page loading speed into their ranking algorithms. AJAX serving allows page content to load first, so your ads will not negatively affect your score.

Geographic Targeting

With targeting and reporting by continent, country, state/province, city, postal/zip code, and designated market area you can offer your advertisers both global reach and local reach. Precisely geo-targeted ads are more relevant and will generate higher response rates. Better results mean you can command higher CPM rates while optimizing your inventory usage.

Customer Service

Our technical support team has been praised time and time again by our customers since 1998 for their ability to respond quickly to questions and problems with solid answers and effective solutions.

Real-Time Reporting

Statistics data is processed in real-time, so you don't have to sit and wait in suspense for it to become available to report on, analyze and optimize your campaigns compared to other systems that lag behind by 24 hours or more!

Powerful API

Manage administrators, advertisers, publishers, campaigns, media, files, groups, sizes, themes and zones. Generate ad serving code. Retrieve reports in CSV, Excel, HTML, PDF, TXT and XML formats.

Flash clickTAG Support

Other ad servers require you to use a specific version of Flash or ActionScript, but with AdvertPro you can choose to use Flash 5-9 with AS2 or Flash 10 with AS3!

E-mail Alerts

Want to remind your advertisers to extend their campaigns or buy more impressions before they expire? Set up an e-mail alert to remind you! The customizable alert e-mails can even be sent to your advertiser. Campaign reports can also be attached in CSV, Excel or PDF format.

Contextual Targeting

Matching ads with relevant content can be difficult for ad networks, blogs, forums or large web sites. With contextual targeting it is easy. Pages are regularly spidered and full-text indexed, so you can target campaigns to pages with relevant keywords and phrases. Keywords can be required to occur a minimum number of times to guarantee contextual relevance.

Proven Security

Hackers target ad serving software to utilize in the distribution of malware and viruses. AdvertPro stops them dead in their tracks. With zero security vulnerabilities in over 12 years, that's something you can depend on.

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"After implementing AdvertPro in two companies, I have found the system to be above expectations with excellent features that make ad management effortless. I have always had the best customer service from the staff at Renegade Internet. They constantly go way beyond their obligations to help us solve problems quickly and practically." ~ Tom Cull

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"AdvertPro is a top-notch, world-class product. It's been a pleasure to use it for the unique advertising needs of JSF Central, and Renegade Internet's support has been fantastic, even for complex integration issues." ~ Kito Mann

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer hosting of the AdvertPro software?
For customers that prefer a hosted solution we invite you to review AdvertServe, which gives you all of the same great features as AdvertPro without the headaches that go along with managing servers, daily backups, monitoring, security, and software updates.

Can I serve ads to multiple web sites?
Yes, it is permitted to serve ads to an unlimited number of web sites with a single AdvertPro installation. One license only permits one installation of AdvertPro. Additional licenses are available at discounted rates for those that with to have more than one installation of AdvertPro.

Do I need to know HTML to use AdvertPro?
The answer to this question is fairly complicated. We recommend that you are at least somewhat familiar with HTML, but it is not required. AdvertPro will automatically generate HTML serving code for you. You simply need to know enough to copy and paste that generated HTML code into your web pages where you would like your banners to appear.

Cross Browser Software

Supported Web Browsers:

Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 6+, Opera and Safari

Supported Operating Systems:

Windows XP/Vista/7/8, Mac OS X and Linux

Am I limited to the IAB standard ad sizes?
All of the IAB standard sizes are pre-configured by default for your convenience. It's possible to easily define your own custom sizes too. You're not stuck with a limited set of sizes like you are with many other ad servers.

Is AdvertPro compatible with dynamic web pages?
AdvertPro uses standards compliant HTML and/or JavaScript code for displaying banners in your web pages, so it is 100% compatible with all dynamic web page technologies such as PHP, Perl, ASP, ASP.NET, JSP, ColdFusion and others.

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